3000+ annual reports to your computer and mobile device. For free.

With AnnReports you have access to the annual reports of over 500 of the largest companies in de world. Download the reports on Android, Microsoft and Apple devices. Take them anywhere. And read them optimised for mobile.

Use Adobe Acrobat Reader® and Liquid Mode for the best reading experience.
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Basically awesome

AnnReports offers online access to annual reports in PDF format. Nothing more. Nothing less.
But we do it well. And we do it for free.

Anywhere 24/7 - annreports.com

Anywhere 24/7

Download the report to your laptop or mobile device. And read it anytime anywhere. Once downloaded you don't even need an internet connection to access and read the report.

Mobile first - annreports.com

Mobile first

The true magic happens on mobile devices with complete and instant access to a library of annual reports. And easy reading with Adobe Acrobat Reader® with it's Liquid Mode.

100% Free - annreports.com

100% Free

Visit Annreports as often as you want. And download as many reports as you need. We hope to show you some ads that may interest you, but there is no obligation to click - or even look.

System requirements: iOS 12 and later. Android 5.0 and later. Chromebook.
Limitations: documents need to be less than 200 pages and less than 10 MB in size.

Read a PDF on your phone and tablet with Liquid Mode

Liquid Mode is a new revolutionary mobile reading experience. It automatically enhances your PDF layout to optimise for reading documents on your phone and tablet. A simple press on the drop-symbol within Adobe Acrobat Reader® activates Liquid Mode and adds the following features to the PDF:

  • The PDF content is rearranged to read like a website for mobile devices
  • Move back of forth between an interactive index and content
  • Choose your own font size and line spacing
  • Analyse financial data in tables that adapt to your screen size
  • ... and much more

Frequently asked questions

The service AnnReports provides is simple: we provide easy access to the annual reports of 500+ of the largest companies in the world. We don't make, change or publish the reports. We just list them. If you still have questions, we have tried to answer them below.

For questions about an annual report contact Investor Relations at the company that has published the report. They can help you further.

If a link to a report on this website doesn't work, please us know in an email to service@annreports.com.

We have listed all annual reports that we have found. If you're missing an annual report of a company that is already listed on AnnReports, please mail to service@annreports.com. We'll add the report ASAP and mail you a link to the report.

If the company is not listed, we can not help you. But you can easily search the internet using the following search term: "COMPANY annual report YEAR filetype:pdf". The search results will only contain links to PDF files.

The easiest way to get a hard copy of a report is to simply print it yourself. Select A4 or Letter as paper size and print the PDF in color or BW.

If you want an official (glossy) copy, please contact Investor Relations of the related company. Not all companies still hold (many) hard copies. But if they do, they will probably be happy to send you one.

Annreports has no hard copies of any report.

Yes. Go to the page of the company on Annreports. And just above the annual reports you can enter your email address. If you do, we'll automatically send you an alert when we add an annual report to that page.

Please note that this service is free and without promises. We regularly check for new reports, but make no guarantees with respect to completeness or timeliness.

If your company is listed in one of the indices mentioned below, we'll add your company and its annual reports since 2016 for free on our website. The request should be mady by Investor Relations and can be send to service@annreports.com.

  • Dow Jones Industrial Average (NYSE)
  • NASDAQ-100 (Nasdaq)
  • FTSE 350 (LSE)
  • AEX (Euronext Amsterdam)
  • BEL-20 (Euronext Brussels)
  • CAC-40 (Euronext Paris)
  • DAX-30 (FSE)
  • IBEX-35 (Bolsa de Madrid)
  • ISEQ-20 (Irish Stock Exchange)
  • PSI-20 (Euronext Lisbon)

If your company is not listed on one of these exchanges, we'll unfortunately not include your company on Annreports.